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How We Assist You with Crypto Recovery

Have you lost money to bitcoin scams and need crypto recovery? If so, it’s essential to act fast and yet to proceed with caution. Cybercriminals who run crypto scams can hide behind anonymous bitcoin wallets and launder money rapidly on the blockchain. 
Although it’s important to move quickly, it’s equally crucial to make the right choice with bitcoin recovery services. There are many services out there that claim to get your money back fast without any hassle. Meanwhile they do not know the right steps to take.
So what should you do? Contact Broadoak Capital immediately. We have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you get started with crypto recovery and will empower you to track down the cybercriminals holding your funds. We create thorough crypto investigation reports that will give your claim an advantage and will help authorities find your funds.

What Steps Do You Need to Take for Crypto Scam Recovery?

Before beginning the process of crypto scam recovery, it’s important to become familiar with the process and to know what to expect along the way.

Information Gathering

Successful crypto recovery begins with you. This means collecting all of the data you need to create a full picture of the incident and how it happened. The data collection may involve emails and Whatsapp communications with the people running the bitcoin scam, screenshots of transaction confirmations, and misleading statements on websites. 
The more information you have going into the crypto recovery process, the smoother it is likely to go. You may be asked to go back and look for other types of information during the investigation process. Think about what might anyone doing a crypto investigation may need to know to track down the bitcoin scam that took your funds.

Crypto Investigation

Our proprietary crypto investigation method is the secret to our success. We combine crypto forensic methods and advanced technology to get a vivid picture of the cyber criminals who stole your money and where they send the funds. 
We combine two approaches that integrate technology and human ingenuity.  We use blockchain software that will show the path of transactions from the time your cryptocurrency left your bitcoin wallet to the multiple transactions performed by the suspected bitcoin scam. 
After we have tracked down the path of crypto transactions, Broadoak Capital professionals carefully analyze results using crypto forensics techniques to figure out who may have your money and where it is. 
After we have fully analyzed the crypto transactions involved in your case and have launched a full investigation, we create a crypto investigation report. These are essential tools for approaching authorities with a crypto claim and they can improve the chances of a successful crypto recovery. 
Unfortunately, many crypto scams go unreported. If people do approach authorities, they give up too quickly. The reason is they simply make a claim with a few data points but nothing substantial that will give law enforcement any leads to tracking down the cybercriminals. 
Instead, Broadoak Capital provides every client with a comprehensive crypto investigation report that will give the authorities detailed information about the case and even names and other identifying information about persons of interest involved in the bitcoin scam. 
These crypto investigation reports will put your claim miles ahead of other claims and complaints that only have a few dates and documents. Law enforcement acts upon solid, credible information that is presented in a form that is easy to understand and act upon. 

Approaching Authorities with a Crypto Investigation Report

Once we have created your investigation report, that is the real beginning of the fund recovery process. We will then guide you on the steps needed to get maximum assistance from the authorities for your claim. We include forms that will expedite the process of filing a claim with law enforcement. The easier you make it for authorities to help you, the more likely they are to act on your claim efficiently. Start your recovery process today!!!



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